Letters from a Father to His Daughter

On a recent trip to India I picked up the book that forms the title of this post. The book was written by Jawharlal Nehru as a series of letters to his daughter Indira during the summer of 1928. My boys seem to not read as much so in an attempt to have them imbibe some of the knowledge I decided I would record podcast episodes as  short audio clips they can listen to. Perhaps some other parents would see some value in it and play it for their children….
I am loth to hearing my own voice on any form of media so if it grates on you, apologies in advance.

Episode 1: Preface and Chapter 1 — How the Pebble Became Smooth

Episode 2: Letter 2 — How Early History Was Written

Episode 3: Letter 3 — The Making of the Earth

Episode 4: Letter 4 — The First Living Things

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