Bullhorn or Bumper Sticker?

Mark Twain apparently had this lament about Alexander Graham Bell’s invention:”The human voice carries entirely too far as it is.”

He is also said to have, in the same vein continued that “If Bell had invented a muffler or a gag he would have done a real service.”

What then would he have made of social media and Facebook specifically? Surely I can’t be the first person to have wondered whether Facebook is a giant bumper sticker or a giant bullhorn. Or both? Speaking of bumper stickers, over the past few days, I’ve seen several bumper stickers on trucks that said, in no particular order:

“Nobody Cares About Your Protests.”
“This is a straight car.”
“Welcome to America. Now Speak English”

So lets set aside what my political leanings are or aren’t. Or my views on social conservatism (or liberalism). Those are moot. However, a couple of things do come to mind.

a. Do I really need to know that you’re a homophobe? Or does the whole world need to, for that matter? Or do the ones unfortunate to be stuck behind you in traffic?

b. Surely someone cares about the protests? I mean not one person? That has to be a factually incorrect statement.

To be fair I should add some liberal ones too I suppose. But I can only think of a funny one that said:

“Tree hugging dirt worshipper.”

This only confirms what psychologists call confirmation bias, perhaps and I just fail to take note of the ones I agree with even if they have some kind of divisive or hateful message. Plus some would say the same about this blog or platform I realize. Hate is too strong a word as the cliché goes but in this case it gets it pretty close I think.

A short one this, as I really have too much going on in life, for a change and have other things that are top of my list.
As always, thank you for indulging me and reading.

Lakshman Hariharan
Prosper, TX.

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